You can never really be ready for something like having a child diagnosed with cancer. I never really thought about life insurance before, but as many of you know, my 8 year old daughter Mackenzie has a rare form of cancer called OMS (Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome). I have life insurance on myself, my husband as well as my other 3 daughters. Mackenzie is not eligible for life insurance, and may never be eligible.

People ask me all of the time, “Why should I get life insurance on my kid?” or “Isn’t that a little strange?” Now it is easy to answer these questions. Life insurance is based on two things: age and health, you will never be any younger and you will never really be any healthier. Once you get life insurance the rate is locked in, so getting life insurance for your kids is actually a gift. You are investing in their future and locking in a great rate for them for the rest of their lives. Call Shannon today to discuss your options and let’s make a plan to protect your future and your children’s too 702-630-7283!

Here’s where you can help! Mackenzie has been in remission for just over two years now and she has been selected to be the Race Ambassador for the 20th Annual Candlelighters 5k & 1 mile Race for Our Kids with Chet Buchannan on September 11th at Mountains Edge Exploration Park!

Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada is a non-profit organization for families of children diagnosed with cancer. When my daughter got sick at only 18 months old, Candlelighters was there to help us and we feel blessed and honored to have been asked to help them now.

As a race ambassador, her job is to promote the race and blow the air horn to officially start the race. Mackenzie has decided that she wants to have the biggest team this year. Last year, the biggest team had 206 members! We are working on getting 250 people to join our team, the “Mack Pack!” You can still join our team even if you are not available on race day, September 11th, just sign up for our team and pay the $20 and you will be helping her reach her goal of 250 team members. Please join and help us support a great cause, even if you are not going to run.

You can register for the race online at www.candlelightersnv.org click on the 5k Race link and join our team the “Mack Pack”. It only costs $20 to join our team for adults, $15 for children ages 4-12, infants to age 3 do not have to register, Childhood Cancer Survivors are FREE, and in honor of 9/11 Military, Police, Firefighters, and EMT’s are FREE as well! If you want to register as an individual and not join a team, the fee is $25. Online team registration is available from June 17th –September 3rd.

Click here to read the short version of her story and join her team, the “Mack Pack”!