There is a game at the bottom of this blog for you to try, click on the link and see how dangerous texting and driving really is! A friend sent this to me and as an Insurance Agent, I felt that it needed to be shared with everyone.

“As access to mobile technologies continue to increase, we continue to face the real and growing threat presented by Distracted Driving. Add to the mix our human tendency to attribute the root cause of our negative experiences (accidents) on the behavior of others and it becomes clear that we’ll be dealing with this problem for quite some time.

Whether or not you carry a smart phone for texting and emailing, work in a vehicle equipped with a PC or use “hands free” devices, if you use these items while driving, you are overtaxing YOUR abilities. While we’ve managed to develop multi-core computer processors capable of multi-tasking, the human brain remains a single core processor incapable of true multi-tasking. Study after study has established that when we attempt to multi-task, our brains lose focus, it typically takes longer to complete what we’re trying to complete and our error rate skyrockets.

I realize that we are all different from the folks typically involved in these studies and that each of us has been endowed with special abilities beyond those constrained by research. That said, I encourage you to share this test with your driving staff and anyone you know who continues to text, email or indulge in conversation while driving a metal shell hurtling down the highway at over 102 feet per second (70 mph).”  This test can be found at http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2009/07/19/technology/20090719-driving-game.html?ref=technology

Finally, please don’t attempt this while driving.

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