Saturday my family and I went to the Danny Gans Memorial Run and the Champions Run for Life and we had a blast! This 1 mile and 5K run benefits the NCCF. (Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation) As many of you may know, my daughter, Mackenzie, has a rare form of cancer called Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome. She has been in remission since May of 2008. We went to the run and all of my girls had so much fun.

The best part for Mackenzie was the Champions Run for Life. This is the part of the event where we honor the children who battle cancer every day. They each get to take their own “Victory Lap” with who ever they want running with them. This year Mackenzie chose to have her best bud, Jeff Gordon from NCCF, me, her dad, her 3 sisters, the Sirens from the TI, and the entire UNLV Girls Softball Team! She actually ran this year and loved all of the attention from the crowd cheering her on. Last year she got a little embarrassed, but still posed for pictures at the end.

We all truly love the NCCF and what they do for all of the families here in Las Vegas. They are a wealth of information, a shoulder to cry on, an advocate for the families and the kids, and truly one of the best charitable organizations out there. 100% of all funds raised by the NCCF stay right here in Las Vegas to help the families and children in the Las Vegas Valley.

You never know when cancer or a life threatening illness will strike your family and it is not something you can ever really prepare for. I don’t know if Mackenzie will ever be able to get life insurance. I have whole life policies on my other 3 girls now, their rates are locked in and they are guaranteed to have life insurance for the rest of their lives. As parents, we must think about how a critical illness would effect our families should anything ever happen to us. We do offer Critical Illness insurance riders to help you deal with the financial hardships that come with serious illnesses and it’s very reasonably priced. Call me to go over your options.