This is an excellent illustration of what CAN happen when you’re driving and dead tired! Of course, it can certainly apply to those on medication (legal or illegal), drinking, texting or talking on that blasted cell phone too!

As an Insurance Agent in Las Vegas, we see and hear so many interesting things. We try to share things that can make you think and can save you money on your auto insurance. The next time you’re tired, please keep the attached photos in mind. It’s MUCH better to be safe and rested than injured or dead.












Fortunately for the young person in this story, nobody was hurt…..except of course for his car, which looks pretty “trashed!” Many of us, especially me in my younger days, like to do road trips over long distances. The thought keeps going in our mind, “I can make it for another 50 miles to the next town, and then I’ll rest.” Don’t let those be your famous last words!

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