I don’t know if any of you have been to my office latey to see Shamu…oops I mean Shannon. She is very pregnant, about 26 weeks. She has gained 16 pounds so far and the over/under is 30 pounds total. Hate to say it Shannon, but I’m betting on the over. I bought her Skinny Cow ice cream to increase my chances of winning.

We encourage all of our clients to stop by and feed the pregnant lady. She accepts candy, cookies, all forms of ice cream and just about anything for lunch, just super size it.

Fifth time is a charm! It took her five tries to have a boy. The due date is June 6th. Place your bets now on the due date or her weght gain.

Seriously, stop by to say hi and let us review your insurance or call us at 702-254-7774. Our office is on the corner of Buffalo and Charleston. 1161 S Buffalo Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89117.