I couldn’t help but notice when I went to the gym last week how crowded it was. Every year it happens, all the pretenders that make a New Years Resolution they will get in shape. By about the third week in January attendance is back to normal. We all know what the top resolutions are, get in shape and lose weight, quit drinking and smoking, get out of debt or get organized, just to name a few. I thought I would list some zany New Years Resolutions

1.  I will no longer live in the past..

2   I will give up chocolates totally, Completely, Honestly.

3.  I will try to figure out why I really need eight email addresses.

4.  I will resolve to work with neglected children – my own.

5.  I will read the manual.. just as soon as I can find it.

6.  I won’t worry so much.

7.  I will be more imaginative.

8.  I will stop drunk texting.

9.  I really will ask for directions.

I believe these are the resolutions that everyone will keep, drink more, stop exercising, gain 20 pounds and watch more TV, and my personal favorite, procrastinate more.

How about for one time, make a New Years Resolution that you will have your auto insurance, home insurance and life insurance reviewed. Just one time, that’s all I ask. Call me at 702-254-7774.