Happy New Year! Most people spend the majority of January trying not to break their New Year’s Resolutions and then hoping that they can make it through February… Why not make a New Year’s Resolution that can potentially change your loved ones lives!

Life Insurance is something that can allow your family to maintain their current lifestyle in the event of a tragedy. It can cover the costs of a funeral, pay off a mortgage, cover your children’s college tuition, pay off residual debts, and provide money for your family to pay for everyday living expenses. You don’t have to be the family bread winner for life insurance to be important. . A stay at home parent or a child is just as important to have life insurance as the family bread winner.

Have you ever thought about getting Life Insurance for your children? It can be more important to their future than you may think.  One of my daughters was diagnosed with cancer at 18 months old and it will be almost impossible for her to ever get life insurance. This brings up the possibility about anyone becoming uninsurable.

Life Insurance rates are based on your Age, Health ,and Coverage amount.. You will never get any younger or healthier than you are now. It can cost as little as $15 or $20 per month. Make a resolution today to protect your future and your family. Call Shannon at 702-630-7283 for a free quote!