I opened my auto insurance renewal yesterday and all I could think of was what my customers must think when they open theirs. “Hooray, it went down or Hey, why did my premiums go up? I’m a good driver, no tickets, no accidents, no claims, pay my bill on time….. What’s up?”

There are many reasons auto insurance premiums go up. We live in a fast paced 24-hour city with lots of tourist driving around. There is a higher than average attorney involvement in the claims process. Medical costs are higher then most parts of the country and the repair costs of cars just keeps going up.

As a consumer, you have some control over your insurance costs such as raising your deductible. We have many discounts available and new discounts are being introduced all the time such as the New Parent discount. You can call us any time to review your coverages and potential discounts.

There is value in being insured with a company that has their own adjusters and pays their claims responsibly. As your agent, I can be a valuable advocate in the claims process. Call today 702-254-7774 for a review of your insurance.