OK, I know that you probably hear this stuff every year, probably because criminals are a little braver during the holidays. Here is a short and sweet list of things to remember to make sure that your holiday shopping items actually make it under the tree and you are safe too.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings- If you have a “weird feeling” follow your gut. If necessary ask a security guard to walk you to your car
  2. Try to use credit or debit cards and don’t carry a large ammount of cash. If you have to shop with cash, keep it in your front pocket
  3. Keep a list of your credit card numbers and their phone numbers at home incase your purse or wallet is stolen and report it immediately
  4. Place your packages in the trunk of your vehicle or out of site
  5. If possible don’t shop alone- (it is safer and alot more fun to shop using the buddy system) especially at night.
  6. Park in a well lighted area or by a light- (even if you are shopping during the day becuase you might come out from your shopping trip and it has turned to night)
  7. Before leaving the store, have your keys out and ready so you are not distracted and alone in the parking lot
  8. Keep your purse zipped and your hand on it to ward off pick pockets
  9. Don’t save “home” in your GPS system- Thieves will break into your car and get your home address and then wait for your cars to be gone before they rob your house.
  10. Enjoy yourself and be a safe shopper

Remember that if your car is broken into that the damage to the car will be covered under your comprehensive part of your auto insurance policy, but the stolen items will be covered under your Renters policy or your Homeowners insurance policy. If you are renting and you do not have a renters insurance policy, call me 702-630-7283 and I will help you get one.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!!!!