OK everyone, we all know how crazy the holidays can make people, right? It’s not always funny at the time, but when we reflect on holidays of the past… we all have some funny stories to share. Sometimes it is a story someone else told us to make us feel better when our holidays seem to go to crap. We just wanted to have a little fun this year and share some of those zanie stories.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to send us some of your best holiday stories! Thanksgiving was a time for us to be thankful, sometimes we have to do that while biting our lip to keep the peace, now let’s see who has the best story!

It can be from any holiday (no really sad tragedies please this is meant to remind us all that stranger things have happened to other people) just some fun, crazy, irritating, drama filled, dry turkey, burnt cranberry, crazy shopping, drunk uncles, loose canon grandma’s, sweet innocent things kids say at inappropriate times…you get the point, right?

You can email them to me shannon@dxhost.me or post a comment to this blog. If you want to remain anonymous due to juicy details then just email me your story and I will post it for you! I will put them all on the blog and you get to “vote/comment” on your favorite story. The one with the most comments… wins a $50 Visa Gift card!

You DO NOT have to be a client of ours to participate or to win. Tell all of your friends to vote by visiting this blog. There is no limit to how many times someone can vote.

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