It’s that time of the year when we all start to clean up our yards and do a little spring cleaning. Make sure that you are properly protected for the task. Recently two of my family members were bitten (most likely by spiders) and they didn’t even realize it until it was too late to check to see what actually bit them. My dad was out working in the yard at about 4am (yes he is an early bird) and he felt something, but was not sure that he was bitten by something until several hours later.

Here are the pictures of the bite and how severe it became.

Bitten at 4am, this photo was taken Sunday at 1:30pm the same day.

The site begins to blister and the center darkens.

Tuesday at 3pm First visit to doctor. They circle the redness on the site and tell him to come back if it gets bigger. The blisters are growing and the skin is turning black in middle circle, redness is spreading.

Tuesday at 5pm went to the Emergency Room due to rapid spreading. They drew more circles to monitor the size of the area.

Wednesday 3:30 pm second trip to the Emergency Room and was admitted to the hospital. The redness spread from above the ankle to above the knee. they started him on antibiotics.

Thursday 9am, new lines indicate spread and center getting BLACK.

Close up 5 am Friday.

Friday at 5pm after a shower. The affected area really did not like hot water!

Sunday Morning

Sunday, 7 days after the bite. The redness is decreasing, center black staying same, blisters still intact.

Wednesday morning blisters are still intact. Came home from the hospital on Sunday.

Wednesday night blisters begin to break.

Sunday morning 14 days after bite. Getting ugly, under layer of skin dying, center black, outer circle dead white skin.

Tuesday, crater formed about the size of a quarter or a 50 cent piece.

Friday, Looks bad, no feeling in the crater, skin outside-around red lines is hard and several layers deep.

Tuesday 24 days after the bite. Did not have to use his cane at all this day, however he still has a limp. The doctor told him that they would schedule additional wound therapy for continued care.

They are not sure what bit him, but it was likely a spider and may have been the Brown Recluse spider (pictured below) that we have mentioned in prior posts. Please be careful when working outside or in dark areas. For more information on this read our other blog.

As always be safe and if you have any insurance needs call us at the office 702-254-7774 or call my cell 702-630-7283.