Since when do we have HOV Lanes and Express Lanes in Las Vegas? Not to mention, who actually knows what the rules/laws are for using them?

I recently posted on Facebook that I was going to do a blog on the HOV and Express lanes and asked if anyone had questions about them. The results were as follows: “Yeah! It’s called EXPRESS for a reason, Grandpa!”, “What the hell is a HOV Lane?”, and “Why don’t they just call it a Carpool Lane?” So, I set out to find some details to share with everyone, we definately don’t want to get any tickets for silly things!

The basic guidelines are:

HOV Lanes are for High Occupancy Vehicles, or at least 2 or more people in the car. (Please don’t try to use a blow-up doll as a second passenger! The police really do frown on this tactic!) If you use the HOV lane during the hours of 6am-10am or 2pm-7pm Monday -Friday, you MUST have 2 or more people in your vehicle. Here is the cool part…those are the only times that they are actually HOV lanes! Outside of those hours and on weekends, anyone can use them! (No Blow-up doll required! LOL!)

The Express Lanes that are almost finished on I-15 are for EVERYONE! No restrictions. Now, just because it’s called an EXPRESS Lane, doesn’t mean that the speed limit is different! The speed limit is the same, it is just called an Express lane because it is a faster way to get from point A to point B. You don’t have to worry about vehicles trying to enter and exit, or lane hoppers weaving in and out of traffic. Once you are in the lane you must to stay there until it ends. When it’s completed it will be 2 lanes from Russell to Sahara with “candle stick” barriers to prevent you from entering or exiting the express lane. You will only be able to enter or exit the lanes from Russell and Sahara, but the commute will be much faster!

I spoke with one of our Nevada Highway Patrol Troopers and asked him what were some of his pet peevs… #1 was Speeding! Particularly when he is going the speed limit and someone passes him! This will get you a ticket every time, so watch out lead foot! #2 was when people change lanes, not just one but multiple at a time. (That one irritates me too!) Last, but not least, #3 was people driving in the shoulder. This is not an actual lane!

I just wanted to share this information with you to keep you safe and help save you money on your Auto Insurance in the future. Tickets and accidents can effect your insurance rates, especially when switching from one insurance company to another. Many companies offer discounts for drivers that are accident free and ticket free for 3-5 years. Be safe out there and I hope this helps! If you have any questions post a comment or just give me a call 702-630-7283! Happy driving! 😉